Ethical Mailbox

The role of the Code of Ethics is to establish the principles, behaviour, values, practices and conducts that govern and guide the actions of employees and staff who form part of any of the Copcisa Corp group companies, irrespective of their type of contractual relationship with the Organization.

This Code, approved in 2015 and modified in 2019, establishes a starting point for the Company’s ethical and conduct model. Among its goals is the orientation of practices for relations between employees, and also their activities with clients, shareholders, suppliers, outside collaborators, public and private institutions and society in general.

Within the Copcisa Corp Group, the Risk Management Monitoring Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code of Ethics and also for establishing measures to identify, control and evaluate possible non-compliances. There is also an Ethical Mailbox which allows any type of possible irregular conduct to be easily communicated. This very important provision is an effective tool that allows anyone to ask questions or communicate possible breaches of the Code of Ethics.

The operational rules of the Ethical Mailbox are included in its corresponding Directive. The Mailbox’s function is to allow employees and other professional staff to communicate any risk or non-compliance with the Code.


The person wishing to communicate an incident, being either an employee, supplier, subcontractor or collaborator, should contact their immediate superior, or contact the Risk Management Monitoring Group directly, via any of the following four methods:

  • In person, explaining the incident directly.
  • By email, to the above-mentioned officers. For this purpose, the Risk Management Monitoring Group has a specific email address:
  • By telephone, calling 937 454 400 and asking to speak to the Risk Management Monitoring Group.
  • Or by sending an internal memo to the above-mentioned officers (addressed to the Risk Management Monitoring Group, COPCISA CORP, S.A. Navas de Tolosa 161, 08224 Terrassa).

In any case, it is recommended that the person reporting the action provide as detailed a description as possible, including references to dates, incidents, facts and witnesses.

Copcisa Corp's organization results from its wish to project the values that have made it a reference in each of its fields of activity into the future .