Hoy en día

Copcisa Corp is equipped to continue with its tradition of solid growth. The bases continue to be those that gave origin to the company: quality, prudence, innovation, knowledge and safety. All at the service today of a business group with an international vocation that looks towards the future with solvency and a high technical capacity.


Historia Construcciones y Obras Públicas y Civiles SA is created in Terrassa (Barcelona) based on a company specialising in earth movements since 1954. The company starts its activities in the field of civil engineering.

Work is carried out on several roads dependent on County Councils and City Halls, in addition to housing development.


Historia Pabasa is created in 1974 for the purpose of producing asphalt for its own use and that of third parties. One year later Hormiconsa is founded for the purpose of producing reinforced concrete.

The group opens its first petrol station in Terrassa (Barcelona).


HistoriaCopcisa executes the Circuit de Catalunya works in Montmeló (Barcelona).

During this period, Copcisa undertakes all kinds of civil engineering works.

is incorporated, which, together with Euroasfalt, together with Pabasa and Hormiconsa, currently comprise the construction material-related nucleus.


Historia The diversification process takes off and an office is opened in Madrid.

In the construction and services division, companies are created in the field of energetic facilities.

The construction of buildings is underway. One of such works is the Barcelona Theatre Institute.

Meroil, an independent oil company with Copcisa, is founded as one of the reference partners.

Works such as Eix Tranversal, the Mutua building in Terrassa or Line 3 of the Barcelona Metro are executed.


Historia The construction and services group, under the title of Copcisa Industrial, is fully involved in the concessions and infrastructure maintenance areas.

New installations activities strengthen this area with ISTEM.

The business lines are structured in a holding format, giving rise to Copcisa Corp.

INNOVIA COPTALIA the conservation specialist and services is created.


Historia The group focuses its activity on the traditional industrial sector and adapts societies to the economic situation of the period.

Copcisa Corp has grown on the basis of foundational values that it has transmitted to all of its companies and projects.

Today, Copcisa Corp is the result of the efforts of over 1,400 professionals and sound strategic decisions taken in the past and present.